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Popeyes Guest Experience Survey at

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We welcome all the guests, and we introduce you to Tellpopeyes Customer Survey that is conducted on where you can get Free 2 Piece chicken. So, let’s start the Tellpopeyes Survey.

TellPopeyes Reward

The most exciting factor due to which you would love to do this survey is, you will get a reward. So it is not a waste when you give your precious time for Popeyes Kitchen.

Wondering what the rewards you are going to arrive at the end of the survey are?

Here, we tell you some of the rewards at Popeyes Kitchen:

A chance to be a lucky one to enter sweepstakes and get a cash prize.

If you win, you will get a non-transferable gift card of worth $1000.

You will get to know who the winner of sweepstakes at is

But to be eligible for the popeyes guest experience survey, there some terms and conditions you need to fulfil. Otherwise, you cannot win a cash prize and other popeyes goodies.

Let us tell you the rule of TellPopeyes Survey Rules

  • The user who can go for Popeyes Guest Experience Survey must be US citizen.
  • You should have attained 16 years of age.
  • Having an invitation code is mandatory.
  • To start the customer survey, Popeyes Survey Receipt that has a valid invitation code.
  • You can participate only once in a month.
  • This survey is not valid for the employees of Popeyes and their family members.
  • The participant should have a reliable food order history before participating in popeyes contest.

Now then you know with terms and conditions of the survey. Now, you can conduct this survey on PC, laptop or mobile phone — a stable internet connection to proceed.

The most crucial point to keep in your mind is the survey code you get from popeyes can only be used for two days. For the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey, you must have the Purchase receipt that has the Popeyes Survey Code printed on it.

Popeyes Guest Experience Survey will take only take a few minutes to complete. After conducting the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey, you can win free chicken pieces.

Rules of popeyes guest experience survey

So, you need some steps and rules to complete Tellpopeyes survey for two pieces. Just open login and fill the details so that you can enter in the study.

  • It allows you to win a monthly $1000 cash prize by Louisiana kitchen at

Why not win this big cash prize by just giving your opinion either good or bad. It will take a few minutes hardly and let you earn a bundle of goodies.

About popeyes guest survey

Now, let us tell you about Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen which the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey is about.

An American fried food chain, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was built about four decades ago.  It started at a small level, and now there are 2600 Popeyes restaurants in more than 40 states of Columbia, Puerto Rico and spread upon 30 countries. Its specific item is fried chicken, but it has other food items like Rice, Beans, Biscuits and Drinks that taste well.

TellPopeyes guests experience Survey is considered as an essential aspect by TellPopeyes. With the help of this survey, they get to know the experience of the customers when they visited TellPopeyes. Based on their survey results, Popeyes modify and improve their services for the customers. The working of the restaurant gets affected by the satisfaction level of customers, so they visit frequently.

Therefore, TellPopeyes conduct the experience survey and give the gift cards worth $1000.

A detailed guide for TellPopeyes Survey

Some simple guidelines are to be followed to complete this Popeyes survey which is as follows:

  • Open the browser on your device. Go to the official site
  • After that, you will be redirected to popeyes site, and the new screen will open on your phone. If you want to give the answers to the questions, then you have to click on the “Take Survey” button. You have to take this survey when you have receipt else click on “Continue”. Then a new web page will open.
  • They will ask you the validation code printed on the bill. The next step to proceed is to enter your personal details.

Details to fill in survey

The details you have to fill are

  • Restaurant Number
  • Date of your visit
  • Time of your visit
  • Total Amount you paid at the restaurant.

Questions asked in the survey

Then enter ‘start’.  As the survey starts, there will be a list of questions they want to know about the restaurant.

  • How efficient you thought the staff was?
  • Did you like the ambience of the restaurant?
  • When you visited, was the restaurant neat and clean?
  • How was the service quality of the staff?
  • Were you satisfied with the prices and time of the order you placed?

After that, you can submit the survey. Now you have entered in sweepstakes, and you have to wait for the winner announcement.

TellPopeyes offers you promotional offers in which they give their customers two pieces of chicken and biscuit with the purchase of any large drink. This offer is only valid for the customers who gave their feedback.

You have to complete the survey within two days. Retrieve a validation code when you fill the survey then show them the receipt which is the proof you gave the feedback. And get two-piece of chicken and one biscuit. And, you are done

Information to contact the popeyes

Here’s the Popeyes Phone Number on which you can provide direct reviews of the customers.

  • Call on 1—800-682-0219 to provide direct feedback for Tellpopeyes survey.

These are required links for the information of

Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes.

  • Rules

Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey Privacy Policy


Visit Popeyes official Website for knowing all the procedure of the survey carries out for understanding the experience of the customers when they visited the restaurant. This survey helps to improvise the services and menu provided by the restaurant.

The motive of the survey is to know more about customers views so that if they find anything up to mark, It can be worked on and then providing them with the best services.

And yes, this survey is essential due to many reasons.

  • To have a real connection with the customers.
  • To reveal the weakness of the restaurant.
  • To know the issues in working if the restaurant.
  • To tell the customers that we respect their opinions.
  • To know-how are the service provided to the customers.

Steps to follow

While working for this survey, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

You have to fill all the details on the official site of And then, you will get the ratings,

  • You want to give for the friendliness of the staff
  • The taste of the food,
  • The neatness of the restaurant,
  • Presentation of the food etc.

And as per that, you will obtain the scores.

Rules to follow

  • The survey must have attained 16 years of age.
  • The customer should be a resident of the United States of America.
  • This survey cannot be undertaken by anyone who doesn’t have an invitation for it.
  • The customer should know the rules and regulations of the survey.
  • He/she should be familiar with the restaurant.
  • Any employee or their families are not allowed to participate in the survey or the sweepstakes.
  • It is mandatory that the customer must have an invitation code.
  • A customer can conduct this survey only once a month.

It is effortless to search for the survey page. Just open the official page of After visiting the page on the browser, it will show ‘take study’. Begin the survey as a new page opens with the dining number that you have to add to proceed. And then you have to continue by adding the personal details such as the date you visited, the cost you paid for the order, and these details are just for verification purpose. Then click on ‘beginning’. After you click on the beginning, you will be shown the list of questions that you have to fill it up. After you are done with filling up all the details, then continue with your personal information such as contact information, your age, your residence address, and also your regular monthly revenue. You are now done with your survey. Now you are eligible for entering the sweepstakes. The winners of the sweepstakes will be notified on the official website of the tell popeyes. The lucky winner will get to win a gift card worth $1000, which cannot be redeemed.  This gift card will be used to avail more benefits.

Questions asked in the survey

The customers who undergo this survey are asked a few questions which are just related to their experiences. Here are a few examples of the questions asked in the study as a demo for you.

  • What do you think about the quality of the menu served in the restaurant?
  • Is the staff helping enough and well behaved?
  • Do you feel the restaurant has frequently visited the place?
  • How often do you visit?
  • Are the prices according to the quality of the food?
  • is the restaurant well cleaned and maintained?


TellPopeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the popular food chain that treats customers as its priority. So your feedbacks hold an essential position for improving bad points and making good better. And for this, popeyes kitchen has arranged Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. We take your time, and we respect your feedback, so we offer you the rewards worth $1000 cash prizes in sweepstakes. We truly understand that our customers are valued.

You give your time so that Tellpopeyes can do best for you. By your feedback, TellPopeyes Louisiana Kitchen gets to know the status of the restaurant.

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